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What is Live Center?

Live Center is a real-time live blogging solution that gives you complete control over post and blog design. Blogs can be implemented anywhere, on any website, and gives users the flexibility to design the blog without any restrictions, meaning you have more control over how you engage your readers.


The editor allows journalists and contributors to embed any type of media object such as social media content, pictures, video files, etc. to create a richer communication channel with readers. Additionally, through Live Center’s Extensions custom visuals such as sports scoreboards, elections counters, financial index panels, etc. can easily be created to further personalize live feeds. Best of all – customers can create these themselves without the need for input from Norkon (however we’re happy to help if you need it!).

Integrations with existing CMS allows customers to continue publishing from their existing solutions. Live Center can also be integrated with any type of native app.

Live Center was developed in close collaboration with Dagens Næringsliv, Norway’s largest financial newspaper, where journalists and Norkon’s developers worked together to create an intuitive, simple, and user-friendly solution to ensure a seamless adoption by any news desk or editorial team.

A lot of consideration was also put into making it possible for customers to have access to both a raw feed of posts, as well as a complete and formatted live feed.

For more details on Live Center, please visit norkon.net/LiveCenter

If you have any questions or comments on the solution or this documentation please reach out to us on contact@norkon.net and we will be in touch shortly. Screenshots and descriptions of features in this documentation might differ from the live solution because Live Center undergoes continuous product development.

For technical implementation documentation. Please refer to the technical Implementation document on the resource center.