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Tags and Importance Levels

How to add tags and importance levels to filter and organize your posts to readers.


Posts can be categorized by assigning tags to help create news summaries, connect posts with a certain topic, or for integrating posts with other content such as full-length articles, videos, etc. Tags help readers navigate your news site and will keep them interested and engage for longer periods of time by helping them find  content they are interested in.

After you have finished creating your post and you are ready to add tags to it, begin by typing the tag you wish to use into the Tag box at the bottom of the editor. Matches to your search will be displayed below for you to select.

Note: If the tag you wish to use is not found, it needs to be added to the tag manager. Please refer to the section for Managing Tags in this manual for how to add tags. Based on your user privileges, you might need approval from an admin to add the desired tag

Select the tag you wish to tag the post with, you can now see that the post has been tagged with “Football”. One can also rearrange the order of which the tags will appear by clicking the arrow icons.

Based on how you have implemented your live feed for your readers, Tags will appear below the post once it is published.

Automatic suggestive tags

Based on tags which have been defined in the Tag Manager, you have the option of enabling automatic suggestive tags to help contributors save time, work more efficiently, and categorize content in a structured way when creating a post.

Once tags have been added to the Tag Manager, the Live Center editor will automatically detect keywords and present them as a suggested tag to the contributor.

In the below screenshot, the contributor has created a post and have used the word “Sverige”. The tag “Sverige” is then highlighted below the editor to signal that it is available as a tag. It’s important to note that the tag is not mandatory to use – it is still up to the contributor to decide if the tag is appropriate to used to categorize the post. 

If selected, the tag is added to the post and it can be used to find related posts in a live feed.

Importance level

Besides tags, Post can also be given an importance level. This can be used to help readers find the most important posts in a News  Summary  ,  used to generate weekly newsletters recapping the most important news or to create a non-chronological post feed. In summary: assigning an importance level adds a new way for you to categorize your posts. If you want to remove the importance level feature from your account, please contact contact@norkon.net 

The importance scale has 4 levels:

Common – for “Welcome” or administrator posts

Normal – for regular posts

Important – for breaking news, key milestones, and summaries and highlights

Very Important – for crucial and the most important types of posts