Multisport Scoreboard

What is the Multisport Scoreboard?

The multisport scoreboard allows you to provide an overview of the current standing of Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, American Football, Rugby and many other games. The scoreboard sits on top of your live blog and expands into three sections, giving you the ability to communicate to your audience through a:

  • Free text area for description about the location, time, and background of the game
  • Score per period or quarter of the game
  • Who scored and at what time 

The scoreboard is quickly added from inside Live Center and allows you to easily update the status of the match.

You can customize the scoreboard to fit the type of sport you are covering. For example, you can set 3 periods for Hockey games, and 4 quarters for Basketball and American Football. If the game goes into overtime, you can also add extra extensions afterward.

How do you use it?

Begin creating the scoreboard by entering the name of the teams in the Team 1  and Team 2 input fields. You can also add team logotypes, either from an image URL or locally from your device. We recommend adding an image in a .png format and from a URL as this will render the logotype in the best way without a background color.

1. Add team names

2. Set periods 

Next, set the number of periods that will be played in the game you are covering. This can be changed and updated throughout the match if needed.

3. Add information about the game, teams, and location

Help set the stage for the game by adding a few lines about the teams and the game

This will be shown in the scoreboard for users who clicks the expand feature

4. Click Update to create the scorecard and make it visible in your live blog 

When you are ready, click Update to publish the scoreboard

5. Update the scoreboard during the game

When a team scores, navigate to the column of the team that scored and select the Period in which the score was made. For example, If Malmö Redhawks scored in the first period Click the first button on the left:

You then have the option of adding the name of the scorer, and the time of the score. You can choose to publish the score first to quickly get it out to your audience and then update with details.

This will publish the score and scorer details to your audience in the scoreboard

If you cover a sport where a scorer can score more than one point at a time, such as Basketball. You can also set the Points for the score, this will add a column to the Scorer's details:

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