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1.       What is Live Center?

Live Center is a real-time live blogging solution with a highly flexible architecture that allows you to easily create your own post visuals and elements. It is easily embedded on website and allows contributors to post blogs that include video, text, images, and audio from inside and outside the newsroom. Live Center is a web-based application and it allows multiple users to collaborate within the same application to produce blog content from anywhere with internet access. Content can be collected from events, tradeshows, and product releases and then refined and published by a newsroom at a centralized location.

2.       How does Live Center perform under heavy traffic load?

Live Center is built from the ground up to scale with your traffic. Our SaaS infrastructure provides flexible hosting on data centers in different geographic locations, using Microsoft Azure CDN for effectively handling large amounts of traffic and alerts on central processing units as well as memory use with the option to automatically scale up or down as needed.

Live Center live feeds can seamlessly serve 600 000+ concurrent users.

3.       Is Live Center mobile and tablet friendly?

Yes. Live Center is mobile friendly and renders beautifully on all kinds of handheld devices. It is designed to be used by writers in the field and supports the uploading of pictures directly from smartphones. Live Center is also designed to be integrated with any kind of native app through its API.

4.       I have my own CMS, can I still use Live Center on my website?

Yes! Live Center has APIs for both publishing from a centralized CMS, and for retrieving content from Live Center to allow it to be reused somewhere else.

5.       I need posts to appear in real-time, and published posts need to automatically appear on users’ screens without the need for the browser or app to refresh. Does Live Center support this?

This is where the solution truly stands out. Live Center uses real-time technology to distribute posts to upwards of hundreds of thousands of readers in real-time. Readers instantaneously get updates with zero-delay on any new, edited, or delete posts without the need to refresh the page. Additionally, any media that’s playing in the post feed for readers does not get interrupted if changes are made to the blog.

6.       Can I integrate Live Center with my existing media library?

Yes, Live Center can be integrated with any existing media source.

7.       I use WordPress on my site, can I still use Live Center?

Yes. You are free to embed Live Center as either an iframe object or directly on your website as a JavaScript Library. Live Center can therefore be implemented on any Wordpress site. Contact us for more details on how this can be done.

8.       I want to publish posts across multiple platforms (web and apps). Does Live Center support this?

Yes. Live Center comes with a web interface for publishing, and an API to be integrated with native apps.

9.       Can blogs be shared across multiple websites? I.e. can I create one blog that appears in more than one location?

Yes. There are no limitations on how many locations a feed of posts appear on, and they can be distributed across multiple platforms.

10.   Can I have two feeds of the same blog, where one is a free feed in front of a login/paywall and the other is behind a paywall, and any posts I marked as “premium” posts are hidden from the free feed?

Yes, we have created an extension that allow you to mark certain posts as “Premium” where they will only be displayed in a live feed designated as the premium feed. The post will simultaneously appear blurred and with a statement “Premium post, subscribe here to get full access” in the free feed.

11.   I’ve lost my password. How do I recover it?

If a user forgets his/her password, an Admin needs to reset it inside the User section. This is done by navigating to the User section and clicking the “Reset password” button which will change it to a default password of 12345. We highly encourage this to be changed as soon as a user logs back in again.

12.   How do I change my Author name?

The permanent Author name can be changed inside the Users section by clicking “Change” next to the users current Display name.

13.   If I delete a channel in the Channel overview, is the channel deleted or archived from the location where I have embedded it?

 If you delete a Channel using by clicking the Edit pen in the channel overview -> Select delete -> and then confirm Delete, the channel will still be available on any website where it has been embedded, it is just deleted from being viewed in the account. We have created Live Center this wayso that if a Channel is deleted by mistake, or you later want to access any of the posts in the Channel, we can retrieve it for you.