1. Technical
  2. Adding Live Center

Data Access

This example demonstrates how you can use the data access libraries to get the raw data and do all the post-rendering manually.

Axios is used as the HTTP backend here, but any HTTP library that supports GET and returns promises.


Class Description
NcCore.StandardBackendService Wrapper for a class that exposes an HTTP GET function and returns a promise
NcPosts.BulletinTenantProvider JavaScript wrapper over the Live Center public HTTP API to get content

Working example 🌈

This example is to demonstrate how to get the data with primitive data visualizations.

See the Pen Data Access by Maryle (@merle_norkon) on CodePen.



1. Convenience functions 🔧

Curious about the classes and terms mentioned? Consult this resource to find what you're looking for. Here you will find options objects that are required in running your scripts.

2. CSS Bundle 🌸

This is a bundle needed to render and support elements in the Live Center feed. The link below is the latest version: https://livecentercdn.norkon.net/scripts/ncposts/ncposts-6.1.1.min.css

3. JS Bundle 👨‍💻

This is a bundle that has the set of functions needed to retrieve and renders the post from our servers. Without this script, you cannot use most functions from the script samples. Below is the latest version of the bundle: https://livecentercdn.norkon.net/scripts/ncposts/ncposts-6.1.1.min.js

Not the implementation you're looking for 🤔 ? View other implementations here!